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15-Oct-2014 to 16-Oct-2014

This conference brings together the cutting edge groups both nationally and internationally to e..

01-Sep-2014 to 04-Sep-2014

Please join the Tasmanian Weeds Society in conjunction with the Council of Australasian Weeds So..

24-Aug-2014 to 27-Aug-2014

For more information:

19-Aug-2014 to 21-Aug-2014

For more information:

05-Aug-2014 to 07-Aug-2014

For more information: ..

05-Aug-2014 to 06-Aug-2014

MobileTECH 2014 is a major event series showcasing the latest mobile innovations shaping the fut..

28-Jul-2014 to 29-Jul-2014

The Australian Grains Industry Conference, hosted for grain industry market participants and ser..

25-Jun-2014 to 27-Jun-2014

The Digital Rural Futures Conference, hosted by the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba..

23-Jun-2014 to 25-Jun-2014

How is your farm business going? Landholders are encouraged to attend these information session..

22-May-2014 to 22-May-2014

Please find the link to a document on the Australian Government support for farm families and fa..

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Conservation Farmers Inc. is a non profit organisation built on the information and experience shared and collected amongst farmers for profitable and sustainable farming and for environmental preservation.

2013 AGM Open Forum Session

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  • From the desk
  • Events
  • Chairman's Report
  • Project Advisory Council Report
  • Landcare in the Condamine
  • Potential for unmanned aerial vehicles in the grains industry
  • Kelly Diamond Harrows and the K-Line Industries Speedtiller
  • When to apply Nitrogen - grower field experience in Mungindi
  • When do cereal crops utilise Nitrogen
  • Implications of tillage practices on Soil Carbon
  • Spray drift to your neighbour's crop
  • Legumes trial project kicks off
  • Biosecurity begins at home
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Upcoming Events & Information - Field Days, Workshops, Tours etc.

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 Grain Cereals Workshop & Field Day
  Monday 21 July 2014
 Free Farm Management Planning Workshops        CFI/Landcare    28 Jul-1 Aug 2014
 Wellington GRDC Northern Region Update
   GRDC   28 July 2014
 Spring Ridge GRDC Northern Region Update
   GRDC   29 July 2014
 Burren Junction GRDC Grains Research Update   GRDC    31 July 2014
 Warra GRDC Northern Region Update
  GRDC   26 August 2014
Condamine GRDC Northern Region Update
   GRDC   27 August 2014
The Agri-business Development Program

Seasonal Crop Outlook

Wheat June 2014

In future, CFI will be posting the current Seasonal Crop Outlook to the CFI website on a monthly basis.

There is an opportunity for you to win an iPAD by going to  and following the instructions.

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